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Project chaos STRESSING your organization?

Your Task Force Pipeline

Building the right team is essential to completing an important project. WorldPMO specializes in the integration and mobilization of key functions and capabilities resulting in a focused Task Force to streamline your project delivery. 

The advantage that WorldPMO delivers is a consistent work template that pushed project objectives forward. This required a lot less managing on my part, which freed me up to focus on other Shell Oil enterprise deliverables.

- David Durkin

project chaos #1 Cause

The primary cause of project chaos is the inability to manage change. This inability can lead directly to project failure.

Project failure can even threaten the very existence of some corporations.

We build winning teams!

WorldPMO solves project chaos with proven practices and capabilities to achieve your planned outcomes. 


Complex projects require the right Strategy, Architecture and Framing to be successful. WorldPMO builds the right team to navigate the chaos and assure projects are delivered on schedule and on budget.

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WorldPMO provides proven expertise to help you avoid chaos in any phase of your project. 

We integrate internal staff, solution vendors and specialty roles to orchestrate smooth delivery.

Access the skill to help solve your key challenges in project framing, team assembly, activity mobilization and assuring the delivery outcomes using proven methods and process.

A project is only as good as its people

We understand the power of the human spirit. When passion and skill are properly applied, the result is higher efficiencies and more reliable outcomes. Get the best value and confidence in delivery with your own WorldPMO Task Force.  

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