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We challenge the status quo by delivering project outcomes for our clients in half the time at half the cost with twice the quality.

The WorldPMO Mission

Our mission is to drive waste out of the project delivery lifecycle by enabling Fit-for-Purpose, On-Demand, and Pay-as-you-Go project and data integration services. Ossification and obstruction must be eliminated to build momentum and realize outcomes.

Excellence in Project Services.

WorldPMO is a project management solutions and services company that understands the power of effective, efficient project management. We work closely with our clients to provide the specific actions and expertise necessary to drive their program and project delivery activities toward desired outcomes.

Efficiency Redefined.

Project execution is what we do best. WorldPMO offers value to organizations by planning, initiating, managing, monitoring, correcting, and assuring activities throughout and across all phases of an effort. The output is improved process delivery and the outcome is the desired result much sooner and at a lower cost.

It’s not just efficiency. It’s Efficiency Redefined.

WorldPMO is an agile, fit-to-purpose, on-demand and Pay-as-you-go project management solutions and services company with more than a decade experience executing successful projects, programmes, and portfolios.

We concentrate energies and human capital in support of our clients’ success, culture and processes. We provide effort in support of program and project delivery to help create real, measurable results for organizations around the world. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies with successful project outcomes delivered in over 50 countries.

Our deepest commitment and intention for partners and clients is people assurance. The right people are the catalyst to successful delivery.

Our Process

Project and program management isn’t just another service we provide — it’s what we do.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, WorldPMO has the capability to support projects anywhere in the world. WorldPMO has successfully executed and delivered projects in over 50 countries since 2005.


Proven capabilities in PMO, PM & Information Data Services to underpin delivery success.

Fit-For-Purpose capabilities designed for on-demand and Pay-as-you-Go consumption.

Keen focus on efficiency to reduce time, cost and improve outcome delivery.

Consistently delivering successful results for over 1000 projects and programs since 2005.

Compliance by ensuring regulatory and legal obligations are satisfied and corporate risk is minimized.

The Right People (R68) - Our Talent acquisition and competency assurance process is proven to augment or establish high performing teams.





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Information Technology

Cloud, Software and Integration

Mergers and Acquisitions



EFFORT Racing was founded in 2010 with a simple goal: to be Champions, both on and off the racetrack. In doing so, we seek not only to win races, but to spread an uplifting and encouraging message of hope. That's why we strive to infuse God's integrity and standards into the passionate and exciting world of racing. By doing so, we know we can continue to have a positive impact on the racing community...and beyond.

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Components of Winning


"The Components of Winning" reflects on the importance of properly controlling interdependencies to most effectively and efficiently drive a project. EFFORT Racing, a sister company of WorldPMO, passionately applies this model in all aspects of operation. In the words of EFFORT Racing Technical Director Stefan Pfeiffer, "The clock doesn’t end the project you’re working on, it’s the project that ends the clock".

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In pursuit of excellence


When a high-performing team applies discipline and focus, the results are reflected in their successful outcomes. EFFORT Racing also knows this first-hand and is displayed in this video "In Pursuit of Excellence"

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