Strategic Consulting Services

Finding simplicity on the other side of complexity.

Why WorldPMO is an exceptional outlier in the strategic consulting services sector:


Eliminate immaterial distractions and evaluate problems and opportunities with purposeful intensity.


Expertise and know-how enable a rational determination of feasibility without relying on guesswork.


Too many initiatives end with failure because of poor due diligence. Thorough observation and analysis generate understanding.


Perception and understanding combined with logic and reason provide the insight necessary for critical decision-making.

Service integration consulting helps all sides of the customer-provider and inter-provider relationships. The key here is understanding the tradeoffs between value a service provides the customer and the value-capture a provider gains by providing the service for a cost the customer is willing to pay for the service.

Opportunity Framing

An idea must be refined from opportunity and framed with viability before it can be implemented into reality.

Desired outcomes become actual through the successful execution of tactical activities orchestrated by strategic planning of an ideal, properly-framed course of action.


Opportunity Framing

Opportunity framing is the first component of the innovation pipeline.

Bad ideas need to be discarded as quickly as possible. Good ideas (and bad problems) need to be refined into opportunities.

Opportunities should be exploited by determining the most viable course of action from several options. Preliminary framing of these options provides the basic comparative information you need to identify the most viable course of action.

Framing of the chosen course of action produces the strategic plans and tactical activities that form the framework for implementation of the initiative.

The next component of the innovation pipeline is an Agile PMO which takes the opportunity framed as a course of action and will trigger staging and implementation.

Strategic Services


Trusted Advisor

How do you know if you really understand all the impacts a proposed vendor solution might have on your business?

Keeping up with all these new technologies and services is not easy. That's where the Trusted Advisor comes in...making sure you aren't being bamboozled by all the blinking lights and technobabble.


Digitalization Consulting

Find value capture opportunities within your business model

One way to capture value is by replacing legacy aspects of manual processes, activities, interactions, and workflows within a legacy business model. Digitalization of an entire ecosystems is possible by forming an interdependent business network involving multiple partners, customers, and even competitors.


Service Integration

Systems thinking, service mediation, coordination, and facilitation

It's not always easy to get to the bottom of a problem when multiple internal and/or external parties provide the separate underpinning services that comprise one of your business service offerings.

Each of those parties often has their own best interest in mind when providing their part of the service with little regard to how their policies and processes may impact the whole. When things go wrong almost everyone starts pointing their finger at someone else with very few ever showing any signs of introspection. It is very rare indeed to find anyone with a holistic approach to correcting the problems within the system.

By thinking of the system as a whole we can identify underpinning services that may be over-optimized to the detriment of the other parts. Sometimes adding a extra hour of effort within one area can save days or weeks of effort within other parts along the process stream. We've seen supplier relationships transformed from antagonistic to cooperative in a very short period of time. Don't let the status quo keep your business from the kind of service performance you know it should receive.


Sourcing Solution Analysis

Insourcing, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Onshoring...what makes sense for your company?

Cost reduction pressures can make outsourcing and, particularly, offshoring decisions seem simple when the determination is based solely on hourly rates. A lot of sourcing analysis services will rely almost exclusively on these apparent rate differences as the main driver of their recommendations. Disastrous results may follow long after that last sourcing analysis service invoice has been paid.

We make it a point to urge all our clients to be extremely careful when outsourcing roles that involve creativity, innovation, or business know-how. Talent isn't so easily replaced. Once it's lost you might end up having to pay dearly to get that capability back.

DevOps resources and software developers are often the most underestimated when it comes to the value of their talent, skill-levels, and productivity. One talented and experienced DevOps/developer - particularly one who already knows your business - can be up to twenty times more productive than an average developer resource.

There are other perils. Loss of intellectual property and business knowledge is very real but difficult to quantify. Inflational turnover rates among sourcing companies can be very disruptive and expensive due to interruptions when a resource quits and a new one has to be trained, respectively. Working hours of your outsourced resources can also be an issue. You may have to wait if you need something done and it's 3am where your new resources live...or off on a holiday specific to that country.

We aren't saying sourcing is always a bad idea. Identifying bureaucratic roles with repetitive tasks is a good place to start. Outsourcing, or better yet, automating these roles can dramatically reduce costs at little risk of decreasing the capability of your business.

There are some other options that might have a place in your sourcing strategy. Team sourcing can be an extremely productive alternative to traditional employment models. On-demand and resource sharing services allow you to take advantage of capabilities as needed without the overhead of a full-time role.