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Project Framing

Framing produces a baseline roadmap for complex initiatives that may involve a lot of moving parts.

The root-cause for most project failures can be traced directly back to the planning period prior to implementation...or at least when the planning was supposed to take place.

Over the last couple of decades the project manager role has gradually become more focused on driving implementation activities and less focused on planning. The practice of moving internal project management activities offshore became trendy before leadership realized the planning part of traditional project management wasn't included in the deal. Yes, they got a lower rate but sacrificed the most important piece of the puzzle...framing.

For framing smaller projects consider leveraging a service such as On-demand PM/Analyst or the basic framing services included in one our PMOs (Agile, Modular). When you need a big win (and not already sure on the all steps to get there) then WorldPMO's Project Framing service is your best chance for success, especially when facing a large-scale initiative such as a major project or multi-project program.


Agile PMO

Keeping up with the pace of change by refactoring your traditional Project Management Office.

We understand your project teams don't need more sets of rules to follow and forms to fill out. An Agile PMO is really more of an Activity Management Office with the primary mission of keeping your projects rolling.

The Agile PMO is a lean and efficient center of excellence to underpin PM functions and enable your project lifecycle delivery.

  • Our offerings can address all PMO Types, including:
    • Enterprise PMOs
    • Organizational (departmental) PMOs
    • Business-IT PMOs
    • Special–purpose PMOs
  • Streamline end to end PMO functions
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Governance
    • Risk Management
    • Issue Management
    • Scope Management
    • Performance Management
    • Communications Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Financial Management
    • Resource Management
    • Supplier Management
    • Quality Management


Project Management

When you might just need someone to fill in, get things rolling, or wrap things up.

Our PMs can step right in to keep project continuity on track. They understand planning and kickoff activities as well as late stage assurance and project closeout steps.

Project status indicator patterns over a project's lifetime show why project framing is so crucial to successful project delivery...and your portfolio's budget.

Green status during the opening phase may hide underlying problems that can become major impact much later. Red status late is never good.

The pattern below is typical of poor project planning and management.


Bad pattern

Projects that start green and end red are costly and fail to deliver desired outcomes.

By the time the warning indicators appear the sponsor already has a significant investment in the project and will often choose to push onward to avoid regret costs.


Project framing and due diligence prevents bad project patterns from leeching your outcomes.

Red status is not always bad, especially during the opening phases.

Assume the opening status is red by default and list all the risks and issues that need to be overcome.


Good pattern

Projects should end green no matter how they start. Red early can be a good thing because we know what has to be fixed.

These projects almost always deliver above expectations. The sponsors have a better understanding of the risks at the beginning.

When one of these projects doesn't improve it's easier to pull the plug before regret costs can accumulate.


The Agile PMO

Refactoring the traditional Project Management Office