Digital, Data and Analytics

Leveraging technology for better business outcomes

How WorldPMO helps companies build solutions:


We understand that deriving information from data is the foundation of information technology. Understanding the context of your data is a critical success factor.


Ideas and creativity separate WorldPMO from the horde of traditional consulting companies that lack both.


Revitalize your business model by exploiting digitalization capabilities.


Identify data groups that can be leveraged into valuable insight. Implement predictive analytics by leveraging advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Information and Analytics Services


Information engineering and integration

What's the point of saving all that data if there is no easy way to get to it?

Many legacy application systems were designed to capture data and most do that job fairly well. But, what's the point of capturing data if you can't easily get the data back out to use it?

Get more use from your data with better accessibility, data flows, and interactions.

Most business staff spend at least a third of working time just trying to get the data they want. Organizational projects commonly spend an even higher portion of project time on getting data activities. If you are searching for ways to reduce waste at your organization then this is the first place to look.

One of our clients came up with a good analogy. Information engineering is about getting data out of technology systems and refining it into information in the same way petroleum engineering is about getting fossil fuel out of the earth and refining it into viable products.

Information engineering may not be magic but our clients are frequently amazed at how quickly some of their worst data problems are solved.


Data modeling, mining, solution design and development

Solving system-specific data problems

One of the ways we differentiate WorldPMO from our competitors is by solving information problems others claimed were "impossible".

Not every difficult problem is worth solving but worthwhile problems are usually more difficult and rewarding to solve.

This is an area where we often find opportunities to capture value for our clients.


Dashboards and reports consulting

Data isn't worth so much without context. Then it becomes information.

Dashboards and reports can provide the context for data to become information. Great dashboards and reports will also help someone understand that information which produces knowledge. We understand the true purpose of dashboards and reports is to transform raw data into knowledge.


Predictive Analytics solutions

Leveraging data lakes, big data, unstructured data analytics, and cognitive services

Without analytics Big Data is just big hype...and possibly a career ending decision.
(Fool + $$$Tool) ==> (BigFool - Job)

Big data with all it's hype was just one component of any solution set that might get you to the real goal, Predictive Analytics. Other components of the Predictive Analytics solution set generally include cognitive services, machine learning, data lakes, unstructured data processing analytics, and possibly IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities. The most important component is by the far the most precious and rare...someone with enough information talent and solution engineering capability to put all the pieces together.

Predictive analytics is about predicting the future. No, we're not kidding. That's why enterprises want it so bad. Let us know if you want it too, but don't want to lose a cart full of gold (or your job) trying to get there. Once we teach you how to fish for the future from your own privately stocked data lake, your business may never go hungry again.

Predictive Analytics solutions can open up a new world of business opportunities for your organization.

Many organizations don't understand the value of data contained within their own legacy systems.