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WorldPMO is a project management services, consulting, and technology solutions company. We implement technology enablement and adoption initiatives for enterprise organizations worldwide.

WorldPMO Services and Capabilities


  • Project Framing
  • Agile PMO
  • On-demand Project Management
  • Modular Project Office
  • WorldPMO Process Integration

Scrum Resources On-Demand

  • Product Owner
  • ScrumMaster
  • Scrum Team
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  • Cloud Orchestration and Provisioning
  • Cloud Transformation Framing
  • Application Portfolio Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Enablement Assessment
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  • Trusted Advisor
  • Digitalization Opportunities Consulting
  • Service Integration
  • Sourcing Solution Analysis
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  • Information Engineering and Integration
  • Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • Data Modeling, Mining, Solution Design and Development
  • Dashboards and Reports Consulting
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  • DevOps Consulting
  • DevOps Transformation Framing
  • Mobile and Web App Development
  • Cloud Orchestration and Provisioning
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  • Oil and Gas Industry Expertise
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures
  • Global Data Center Migrations
  • Enterprise IT
  • Cloud Transforming Framing
  • Application Portfolio Readiness Assessment
  • EFFORT Media Sessions
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Project Delivery

When you need to do more in less time at a lower cost.

We work closely with our clients on streamlining project management activities to eliminate complexity and waste, improving clarity for assurance, and generating the specific-and-measurable results directly associated with desired outcomes.

Cloud Transformation

Preparation and know-how for your journey to cloud services.

Evolving into a multi-modal IT organization enables the necessary agility for cloud-based development and operations while avoiding the disruption to legacy application systems service management activities.


Finding simplicity on the other side of complexity.

WorldPMO is an exceptional outlier in the strategic consulting services sector.

Ideas and creativity separate WorldPMO from the horde of traditional consulting companies.

Data Digital Analytics

Leveraging technology for better business outcomes.

Identify data groups that can be leveraged into valuable insight.

Implement predictive analytics by leveraging advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

WorldPMO Project Delivery

Green will look great on your projects. Learn more about successful Project Delivery


Project Framing

Framing produces a baseline roadmap for orchestrating complex initiatives...anything that involves a lot of moving parts and players.

The root-cause for most project failures can be traced directly back to the planning period prior to implementation...or at least when the planning was supposed to take place.

Over the last couple of decades the project manager role has gradually become more focused on driving implementation activities and less focused on planning. The practice of moving internal project management activities offshore became trendy before leadership realized the planning part of traditional project management wasn't included in the deal. Yes, they got a lower rate but sacrificed the most important piece of the puzzle...framing.

For framing smaller projects consider leveraging a service such as On-demand PM/Analyst or the basic framing services included in one our PMOs (Agile, Modular). When you need a big win (and not already sure on the all steps to get there) then WorldPMO's Project Framing service is your best chance for success, especially when facing a large-scale initiative such as a major project or multi-project program.


Project Management

When you might just need someone to fill in, get things rolling, or wrap things up.

Our PMs can step right in to keep project continuity on track. They understand planning and kickoff activities as well as late stage assurance and project closeout steps.


Agile PMO

Keeping up with the pace of change by refactoring your traditional Project Management Office.

We understand your project teams don't need more sets of rules to follow and forms to fill out. An Agile PMO is really more of an Activity Management Office with the primary mission of keeping your projects rolling.

The Agile PMO is a lean and efficient center of excellence to underpin PM functions and enable your project lifecycle delivery.

  • Our offerings can address all PMO Types, including:
    • Enterprise PMOs
    • Organizational (departmental) PMOs
    • Business-IT PMOs
    • Special–purpose PMOs
  • Streamline end to end PMO functions
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Governance
    • Risk Management
    • Issue Management
    • Scope Management
    • Performance Management
    • Communications Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Financial Management
    • Resource Management
    • Supplier Management
    • Quality Management

Cloud Transformation

Starting the journey can be the most difficult and perilous step along your path away from traditional, on-premise hosting infrastructure and ASPs. Learn more about Cloud Transformation services


Cloud Transformation Framing

Transforming from a traditional IT hosting model to a cloud-based model doesn't mean a simple lift-and-shift of servers from on-premise to cloud.

Lift-and-shift isn't transformation and likely will not result in meaningful savings. Transforming means replacing, rebuilding, or at least refactoring your applications to leverage multi-tenancy and elasticity. Yes, it will take more effort to transform your on-premise application portfolio but the benefits of a primarily cloud-native portfolio mean agility and significant cost savings for your business.

Large portfolio transformations will normally be more like a marathon than a sprint. You don't need to do everything at once and many applications can be eliminated gracefully through normal lifecycle management activities. It doesn't make much sense to be in a hurry to migrate some COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) applications if the supplier is already developing an upcoming cloud-native (PaaS/SaaS) release.

Establishing cloud-native development and operations capabilities will also take effort and time but you need to get started nurturing DevOps capabilities early to enable rapid application development and continuous delivery when it does come time to sprint.


Application Portfolio Readiness Assessment

Do you know if your on-premise and ASP hosted applications are good candidates to migrate to cloud hosting services?

It's probably one of your first questions...whether your business has five applications in a single application portfolio or five thousand applications across a few hundred application portfolios.

Which cloud hosting pattern (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) would that an on-premise application use if it were migrated to cloud?

Which applications should be replaced with the supplier's SaaS offering (and when will that be ready)?

Of the most costly, value generating, and/or business differentiating applications, which ones could be redesigned to incorporate the cloud-native capabilities (and cost benefits) of multi-tenancy and/or elasticity?

Will a Lift-and-Shift of an application onto cloud IaaS services result in significantly lower hosting costs...or are there other benefits that could justify the migration effort?

These are the kinds of questions you should be able to answer and formulate into a viable strategy before attempting to implement any major cloud transformation effort.


Cloud Enablement Assessment

Not every cloud journey is the same.

An assessment can find some quick wins and help you understand what may be a little too much to tackle on the first attempt. This is the initial due diligence you need to know before you pack for the trip.

Opportunity Framing

An idea must be refined from opportunity and framed with viability before it can be implemented into reality.

Learn more about Framing Opportunities

Data, Analytics, and Digitalization

Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts. Learn more about Information services


Information engineering and integration

What's the point of saving all that data if there is no easy way to get to it?

Many legacy application systems were designed to capture data and most do that job fairly well. But, what's the point of capturing data if you can't easily get the data back out to use it?

Get more use from your data with better accessibility, data flows, and interactions.

Most business staff spend at least a third of working time just trying to get the data they want. Organizational projects commonly spend an even higher portion of project time on getting data activities. If you are searching for ways to reduce waste at your organization then this is the first place to look.

One of our clients came up with a good analogy. Information engineering is about getting data out of technology systems and refining it into information in the same way petroleum engineering is about getting fossil fuel out of the earth and refining it into viable products.

Information engineering may not be magic but our clients are frequently amazed at how quickly some of their worst data problems are solved.


Data modeling, mining, solution design and development

Solving system-specific data problems

One of the ways we differentiate WorldPMO from our competitors is by solving information problems others claimed were "impossible".

Not every difficult problem is worth solving but worthwhile problems are usually more difficult and rewarding to solve.

This is an area where we often find opportunities to capture value for our clients.


Dashboards and reports consulting

Data isn't worth so much without context. Then it becomes information.

Dashboards and reports can provide the context for data to become information. Great dashboards and reports will also help someone understand that information which produces knowledge. We understand the true purpose of dashboards and reports is to transform raw data into knowledge.